Happy High 420 

Just last min video edit put together for 420 day 

Also on more serious note we had guest on voices from afar with Bill Demarest,  where we spoke of the medical benefits of cannabis it has been trimmed down for youtube link below 

Taken from http://www.truthfrequencyradio.com/voicesfromafar 

😂😂😂 enjoy your high time guys whatever you decide to do today let’s hope in the coming year more places will legalise and especially for medical reasons 

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Watch “Scots corner #1” on YouTube

A section taken from Voices From Afar On TFR www.truthfrequencyradio.com where myself and John cover what’s been going on in #Scotland , #UK, #Brexit & #EU and the politics of the day along with other issues that come around.

This was the first “Scots Corner” section From the show with myself , Scottish John & my other co-host.

Scots corner #2 will be uploaded soon as we were live last week. I will also be uploading parts of the show with guest as well as much more to come.

Tonight on voices from after midnight UK time we have John B Wells as a guest which is sure to be a good one!!! 👌🖒

So if u not busy tonight at midnight why not come along for a listen at Truth Frequency Radio

Or if you can come along to live chat while show on  join likemind people TFR Chat…..Maybe see you there better go get ready for the interview tonight!! 

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Scotlands Hurt

Feel I need to share this as this only one story and there is thousands of people in same position in #Scotland hurting daily & i know from personal experience over the last 1 year whats going on and its really not funny!!!!


Today i got a letter saying my mobility car going this after being on ESA assessment time 9 months not 3 missing sick lines and just weeks they not paid because they messed up or kicking me between benefits ……. before all this started and my health got worse i went to my MP and emailed my MSP & was not ever encouraged by there words on the whole thing a year ago!!!! a year on i even worse this article nails it both about #IndyVote & #Scotland

services have taken a shocking downturn or there is waiting list or it’s going to private companies not helping the people of #Scotland


We need more people to speak out to realize how many people all this actually affecting…. will leave end of article here as totally agree….


“As for ALL those Councilors, MPS and MSPs…..What is the point in you unless you do what is Right for those in the most need?
Don’t go washing your hands and passing the buck….DO SOMETHING!!!”

People of #Scotland will #BChange not the people running the asylum atm!!!!!

lichtie out 😦


scottish hurt





Freedom Link with Scottish John

covering a wide range of topics from both side the pond with a bit of humour too !!!


Freedom link with Scottish John




just away to get ready for tonight’s show



so for now love & peace lichtie 😉

We Stand with Standing Rock – Freedomlink Radio 

So #6 episode of Lichtielass of  Freedom link Radio show from 2~11~16 was another great but serious show where we discussed current events happening at #StandingRock USA but how effects us all.

I could write much here but think Gwen covers is well in this short Facebook post she had made few days before & read it out live which u will find below

Gwen Caldwell on freedom link radio 2/11/16

midnight UK time
Also on same show iain also compared how many feel in other country’s like here in #Scotland & many other country’s around the world and how we all have much in common!!

You will never kill our will to Be Free

Iain spoken word of Damien Dempsey 

As I write this a few days before the #USA Election I would just like to leave this video I done before our #Brexit  which I didn’t vote & so glad I didn’t vote as look how much of sham that’s become anyways my thoughts the night before the vote

#Brexit To vote or Not To Vote

I with millions of others are watching what is going on in #USA with close interest but we in #Scotland know exactly how u all feel more than you know .

We all want change , we all want our country’s back and we all need to pull together to like I always hash tag #BChange

Weather u vote or not I can almost Guarantee it won’t be what you expect & if anything like #Scotland just getting worse!!!

Any  ways  will leave link for full show of the freedom link below

Gwen Caldwell Speaks of Destruction of Sacred Ground

Maybe see u in chat Monday & Wednesdays live at midnight UK time 7pm EST USA or live on app from app store for mobile or at


http://www.truthfrequencyradio.com/chat 《《《 For live chat room full of #Wookies

Anyways better get on for Mondays show but my heart is defo with my American Friends this week….

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#3 Freedom Link Joy Joy Joy 

Last night show on demand link 

Joy, Joy, Joy, Oh Joy


Or even join just in #Wookie cave @ 

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so what a week although i knew i was helping a good friend and #wookie with a show on Monday which went fine for being our first time together… but the quality of sound was not good enough to go up on demand but my co-host has briefly said in the video below…





so on the above show i was asked LIVE If i would Co-Host the Freedom Link…. OH MY couldn’t believe it was so out the blue but at same time i didn’t know how to go forward with blog, page and group. I had all the ideas but couldn’t get them all together. Was starting to but…

Then this happens couldn’t believe it!!!!  what a stroke of luck…. Or something maybe like sync that’s what we focused on  the second show which the link is below …


Bill & Myself are typical #Wookies and we always stick together, helping each other even tho we often live thousands of miles away … and that’s because we have a great chat room running live as the show is on if u can listen live why not try the #Wookie life u can find us at http://truthfrequencyradio.com/chat


We are eager to include everyone going forward with The Freedom Link. we want the show to be about real people real stories from around the world to get in touch. The link around the world if possible of friendship and of course #Freedom for all no matter where u live!!!


i hope u enjoy part of the first Freedom link and the link for on demand for the second once i am more organised myself and bill will both be uploading to our yt channels with bills great editing u won’t hear the live mistakes lol

for more info about the Freedom Link or myself and bill please check out the below links

THE FREEDOM LINK ON www.http://truthfrequencyradio.com/freedomlink/

FREEDOM LINK PAGE ON FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/freedomlinkradio/



LICHTIELASS PAGE https://www.facebook.com/Lichtielass/



LICHTIELASS YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTjZNpdlJyS6q8KliYTc9WQ

LICHTIELASS TWITTER https://twitter.com/lichtielass


Lastly we will be live every Monday & Wednesday from midnight for 2 hours UK time or USA times on promo pic but hopefully no matter where u live u will find us somewhere and don’T forget the chat room com along that’s where it all started for me, I had no idea about all this so you on our journey with us… i will try to blog with every show its just taking time to sort out that’s why bit late anyways heading off for now




So sitting listening to this hour long talk about going forward to all that see’s the corruption around us daily around the globe. And although mainly USA it is talking to everyone to #Unite against the powers of governments around the world.

Even here in UK things are all over the place to #Divide people against each other, weather it is #EU , #WESTMINSTER #BREXIT #USA ELECTION MESS or even closer to home for me is the #Yes2 V’s #EU / #Brexit carry on which i always knew wouldn’t be what anyone wanted…


But we can’t ignore whats going on around us in the #EU AND I CAN’T REALLY SEE A PLACE FOR IT GOING FORWARD BECAUSE OF THE STATE IT IS IN NOW…

I will always be for #Scottish Independence and #Freedom but i do realize that the rest of the world feel exactly the same way. Since 2014 i have seen #Scotland have there say and we roared i really hope we don’t stop and keep up the fight for our country &  i not convinced #Yes2 is all it should be and also don’t think jumping out of Westminster into EU is any kind of #Freedom or Independence!!!

This was my first edit ever on video that i just done the other day. It really does go with this because what the talk show is saying is basically what happened in 2014 here in #Scotland and that #Unite was something to behold here.

so would you join with your fellow Humans to take up the fight for #Unity #Freedom #Independence??

I hope the event mentioned is a great success and i hope it gives others ideas of the same #Unity because that’s #BChange


out for now peeps


 To my friends who can see…



since i helped last dump get out thought this might be some use to people to look through …….



lichtielass #BChange

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